How to start blog for multiple benefits

Most of the content writers out there are capable of writing some commercial content that is essential for commercial presentation, SEO work, and business profits. That can make them earn some money. On the other hand, a few other writers are well capable of writing fascinating content always, but only do it for their own satisfaction. Instead of writing in the diaries and books, it is quite wise nowadays, to learn How to start blog and start registering your ideas in the blogs. When you do so, you are preserving something amazing for your future reference. You can read it often and feel inspired and motivated to write your mind often.


Visual learners are increasing in numbers these days. They love to learn by what they watch. There are hundreds and hundreds of visitors to the busiest blogs of the world on a daily basis, who are not well educated to read and understand texts totally. For them, the infographic are valuable. Target that audience.

Benefits of writing blogs

When you are able to write what you think, then you get the liberty to express your feelings, ideas and even some of the grievances that you have in your mind about anything in the world you live in. when you cannot reveal certain things even to your closest kith and kin directly, you can find this to be a wonderful channel to get a recess to talk your mind openly. Other than that, if you are gaining popularity over a period, with your best communication skills and eloquence as a good blog writer, then you gain followers. You gain comments. You gain visitors to your blogs regularly.

The follower’s base can follow your social media pages too. When you are using the fans base to your best advantage to push your commercial and personal ideas, then you can gain so many interesting profits of the other kind as well. Therefore, it is all about your own creativity more than anything else is. If you are interested to use this gateway to reach the targeted audience of yours, in very many ways, then you can make money too. Monetize the blog and you will see steady income to hit your bank accounts.

Passive income possibilities through BlogSpot pages of your own are not limited in any way, as long as you are updating the blogs with interesting content on a regular basis for your followers. So, as you had learnt how to start blog now, keep posting good content, to win the good will of your targeted audience from now.

A majority of the others most often likes genuine and honest opinions too. The content may be unique in the presentation but the thoughts may be similar to those very many others as well. They indeed like it in that way, as they have found one liked minded individual online to share thoughts. When a bunch of friends joins in that way, by exchanging views, comments, links and thoughts online, then the benefits are multifold. Try it and you will certainly love it.


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